Freedom Writer ~ Frank Watts ~ author ~ nature guide ~ legend!
Freedom Writer ~ Frank Watts ~ author ~ nature guide ~ legend!
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The Journey Begins

Frank Watts

We all know that every journey begins with the first step. Sometimes we take that step consciously and sometimes we are forced onto a path we had never imagined we would take.

When our mutual enemy started to wreak its havoc on the world I was part owner of a successful little safari operation and a semi-retired nature guide. In a matter of days I was facing ruin and the path I was on was no longer a certainty.

Survival determined that I needed to take another path, start a new journey and I spent sleepless nights wondering what I could do. My partner Di, who had to try and slay the same dragon as me, suggested I try and resurrect my interest in writing.

I had written a book some years ago which was reasonably successful and gave me a lot of pleasure writing it. I decided to take the first hesitant step on my new journey. The boots I needed to feel comfortable while I walked this unknown path were provided by the readers of my blogs, and the walking stick was given to me by my immediate family.

I have begun my journey and I see my path is full of obstacles that I cannot conquer alone. The only way I can walk this walk is if I am accompanied by those of you who gave me the shoes. When I am hungry I will need sustenance and when I am thirsty I will need water.

If I can see you along the way edging me on then I can do this.

LOCKDOWN SA - A Short Story - will hopefully take me to the first rest stop. See you there!

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