Freedom Writer ~ Frank Watts ~ author ~ nature guide ~ legend!
Freedom Writer ~ Frank Watts ~ author ~ nature guide ~ legend!
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Lockdown SA

Frank Watts is a nature guide who decided to write this short story, Lockdown SA, while incarcerated at home, during a global pandemic.  Frank’s story is an emotional account of the impact of being incarcerated at home while an invisible virus ravishes the world. The man who gained fame from an epic wildlife encounter known as The Battle at Kruger now faces ruin as his chances of guiding again diminishes day by day.
He has guided for over 30 years, on foot and in game drive vehicles. He has experienced nature in its most serene and brutal forms. He was living his boyhood dream and believed it would last for many years to come.
Suddenly, with only a few days warning, the Kruger National Park closed its gates to the world. For the first time in history, since it became a national park in 1923, no one was allowed to enter the Park. A virus was invading the world; ending dreams, careers and lives and Frank became one of its many victims. Confined to his home, like millions of people around the world, he faced the reality that he may never guide again. Frank's memories took him on an emotional journey as he witnessed his life and those around him disintegrating. Unable to break out of his state of denial he has decided to take you along on this journey through hope and despair.
Lockdown, a word hitherto associated with prisons, is what inspired him to write this short story, which is dedicated to his many colleagues who are waiting and hoping that this will soon be a distant memory, a story of survival, a part of history.
To the guides of the Kruger National Park, who are patiently waiting for the day they can return to their beloved playground and gently embrace Mother Nature as she restores their dreams and assuages the fear in their hearts.